Respect for support staff

Similar to a story I posted a few days ago another article suggests non-teaching staff at universities 'suffer abuse' - Support staff in higher education institutions, such as cleaners and cooks, are often harassed by academics and students, a report suggests.

Pension reforms 'spark job fears' - One in five firms will cut jobs if they are forced to pay into pensions for their employees, a British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) survey has suggested.

Nurses 'quitting to buy houses' - Nurses are being forced to quit the profession because they cannot afford to buy homes, the Royal College of Nursing has warned.

Last, but not least an article about the social value of blogging about contentious issues.

Bloggers' 'victory' over Iraq war memos - Since early May, left-leaning blogs have been trying to get mainstream media to pay attention to one - and now two - leaked secret memos from meetings that Prime Minister Tony Blair had with key cabinet members and intelligence figures in the summer before the war in Iraq.

Five more blogs to add:

Blogenspiel - college teacher (USA)
What now? - assistant professor (USA)
Indiana public defender - Public defender in Indiana (USA)
IT Manager.Net - IT manager in law firm (USA)
The life and times of Bill - EMT, firefighter, and police dispatcher (USA)

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