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First of all, here is my first link to a radio programme article. It's about Pods and Blogs and from BBC FiveLive.

A second broadcast is about 'the world of work' and how it can damage peronal lives. It comes courtesy of the Worricker Programme another BBC FiveLive production. Skip ahead to one hour and five minutes to hear the story.

Back to the today's news. Exposed to distressing stuff at work? Then read on...

It's good to talk - Some jobs, such as filing genocide artefacts or working with abused children, can be deeply upsetting. So how can employees best cope with the stress?

Intoxication 'rife among doctors' - The BMA estimates one in 15 doctors could be abusing drugs and alcohol.

I'm not aware of this phenomenon myself, but it obviously exists somewhere - University staff 'face threats' - More than 1,000 incidents of violence or harassment against university staff have been recorded in the past five years, official figures show.

Trouble is brewing between the Communication Workers Union and the incumbent Labour government - Union issues threat over Royal Mail - The Labour party was warned yesterday that it could lose the support of a significant trade union ally if the government bows to pressure to privatise Royal Mail.

Finally, the USA version of The Office begins tomorrow (9.30 p.m. on BBC3) in the UK - see schedule.

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PipeTobacco said...


As you may know, a professor's life is actually his work as well. Therefore, my blog has more traditonal work scenes as well as life scenes and daily musings.

Thank you for giving me (and others) interesting material to read. Reading blogs is a great joy and allows us to experience so much more than the traditional media/literature.