Make Poverty History, but watch your back when protesting...

If your boss spots you banner waving on TV... - What happens if the boss spots a worker on the TV shouting and waving a banner, or in a newspaper protesting against the evils of capitalism?

Ocado gets Big Brother tag - Never mind the chickens, what about the 'battery workers'?

Eleven work-related blogs to add...

Ummm...yeah - Marketer: first work-related blog that I've come across from India

Ten medics
All over the place - a rookie EMT (USA)
Drug-induced hallucinations - EMT working his way to being a paramedic (USA)
First do no harm - second don't get yelled at - Emergency physician who's new to the field (USA)
Top of my head - a nurse with a few tales to tell (USA)
Eric 135 - Medical-surgical-telemetry nurse (USA)
Chiisai Tokori - Medical student
I'm so sleepy - a cardiac anesthesia fellow (USA)
The underwear drawer - Steady now! Pediatric (USA)
Vertical mattress - Surgeon
Autopsy report - medical examiner intern

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