New technology and life

Go Digital: Your digital world - A link to Go Digital, the weekly BBC World Service programme that looks at how technology is changing our lives.

Digital Citizens: Your creativity - The BBC comments on the creative use of blogs, podcasts, short films and digital photos. No work-related stuff there though!

Here's an article I missed last week. It's a journalist having a go at a few things including bloggers who covered the London bombings earlier this month - Why I have serious doubts about the 'citizen reporters'. I agree with the man to a point, but surely the main benefit of blogging and other new forms of communication technology applies to the far more mundance aspects our lives (i.e. including experiences of work), where journalists, to be honest, rarely tread.

Low pay row threatens to disrupt sea ferry travel - A summer of disruption at ferry ports is on the cards for British holiday-makers as seafaring unions from Britain, Ireland and France are poised to step up their campaign to stop low pay and stamp out health and safety abuses. Bugger!

Extensive search engine for Guardian/Observer articles, i.e. loads of stuff on blogs, etc.

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