Sex wars in the workplace?

Men 'winning' caring profession sex war - Men working in traditionally female-dominated caring professions such as nursing and teaching are winning a new gender war with their female colleagues, according to a study.

Appeal over Sunday work sacking fails - "The seventh day is the sabbath of the Lord thy God. Thou shalt not work, unless thy employer requires thee to work."

American unions split over loss of influence - The American labour movement was torn in two last night as officials argued bitterly about ways to tackle the dwindling membership and waning power of unions in the United States. Also see - US unions to break away from national movement and Labor's Big Split: Pain Before Gain.

Union's Dickensian schools claim - A union has claimed that support staff in some Welsh schools are being exposed to "Dickensian" working practices.

Holiday pay laws 'apply offshore' - Union leaders have won the first round of a battle for holiday pay under a European directive limiting weekly working time.

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