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There are quite a few teacher blogs on my blogroll, but you can't beat teachers sounding off about school kids and inflexible educational systems, etc. Mainly because we've all been there at some point of our lives, i.e. teaching theory seems easy until you have to put it into practice...!

A passion for teaching and opinions - chronicles the journey of a Social Science teacher at Ukiah High School in Ukiah, California.
From the T.F.A. trenches - dispatches to the world from the life of a Teach For America teacher.
Middle school mayhem - rantings and ravings of a middle school teacher who loves their job and darling students, but some days just needs to vent, whine, gnash teeth, piss and moan, cry, or scream bloody murder. Teaching is their passion, but also very frustrating in today's political and social climate.
Middle school teacher - teaches middle school science and social studies in rural eastern North Carolina.
Mildly melancholy - blog of a first-year, third-generation teacher just starting out in the Big Apple. Talks about adventures in and out of the classroom.
NY teacher - just accepted to Teach For America and about to embark on first year teaching in New York City.
Raspberry jubileee
Skressed - Another teacher 'jumps on the blogwagon'.
Student teaching diaries - student teacher, in the great state of New York, blogs to maintain precarious sanity.
Sweetnes for america - high school science teacher.

Two non-teaching blogs to add...

Cubic hell - needs no introduction
Another constable - a brand new British bobby

PS I've added 3 or 4 call centre blogs to previous entry

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