Intra workgroup conflict

Staff brand colleagues as 'lazy' - An overwhelming majority of bosses and employees think that some of their colleagues consistently under perform...Nearly half of employees added they worked closely with someone who they thought was lazy and not up to the job. Are they really lazy or just refusing to work at a pace or in a manner set down for them by management? You can add your thoughts to the end of the BBC article.

Firms staying quiet over pensions - Fewer than one in 15 job adverts mention if there is a workplace pension on offer, the TUC has found.

Overtime 'increases risk of illness' - An American study suggests long working hours increase your chances of illness and injury, irrespective of what job you do.

Fruit pickers stage pay protest - Foreign fruit pickers blocked a Herefordshire road in protest over pay and conditions at one of the area's biggest fruit farms.

Chavez calls for democracy at work - a big Venezulan aluminium plant is being used as a test bed for a new experiment in co-management, which President Hugo Chavez says is a key step towards a "socialism of the twenty-first century".

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