Trying to unionise the world's biggest employer

Unions broaden fight against Wal-Mart - The fight to unionise Wal-Mart workers will shift to a new front next week when union leaders meet to discuss plans for organising employees in countries including Britain, Brazil, Argentina and Germany.

Workers want bosses to 'get lost' - Most workers reckon that their bosses are excessively bureaucratic, apportion blame wrongly and are inconsistent in decision making, a report has found.

Are your colleagues underperforming? - a chance to sound off if they do, but also the opportunity to justify why it's ok to slack at work.

Free-market buccaneers - Polly Toynbee uses the Gate Gourmet dispute to lift the lid on a business culture that freely exploits low-paid, migrant labour. The whole thing reminds me of the Grunwick Strike in 1970s.

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