Employers and domestic violence

Employers fight domestic violence - Top employers including the NHS, BBC, and the Body Shop have set up a support scheme to fight domestic violence (BBC News).

Architects of their own downfall in the office - Businesses which try to save money by stinting on their staff's working environment will come to regret it, as employees reduce their output - or even quit (Sean Coughlan, The Guardian).

Women are 'put off' hi-tech jobs - The UK's technology industry must do more to keep women within its folds if it wants long-term success, according to a report by Intellect (BBC News).

Working with an eye on the wicket - an article about sporting distactions at work and a chance to offer your opinion on this matter (BBC News).

One new blog to add - Are we there yet? - tales of a nurse who appears to be contemplating a career change.

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