Employer guidelines on blogs

As most bloggers know, blogging about work can be a risky business - e.g. you only need consider the Diary of a fired flight attendant example and how the former Delta employee is now seeking legal action as result of being fired for blogging about her work (USA Today). So, those who blog about their work and do not have a policy provided by their employer should seriously think about consulting one or more of the following links. By reading these documents it may also help bloggers find ways of saying what needs to be said, but staying out of trouble at the same time ;-)

IMB blogging policy and guidelines
Yahoo personal blog guidelines
Sun Microsystems - policy on public disclosure
Weblogs at Harvard Law School
Marketing Technology - Blogging policies and guidelines
Groove Technology - Weblog policy
Plaxo - communication (blogging) policy

Note: most of these links were attained from Talking from the inside out: The rise of employee bloggers by Edelman and Intelliseek • Fall 2005.

Also consider - Blogging: Bubble or Big Deal? (registration required for full PDF file) - a report that looks at, amongst many other things, 'best practice' for blogs that are related to work (by Charlene Li, Josh Bernoff and Tenley McHarg for Forrester). And, As blogging grows, companies eye legal pitfalls (by Martha Graybow, Yahoo! News).


BotanicalGirl said...

The link to Bubble or Big Deal is broken. I'd like to read it.

Also, I write a work-related blog as a graduate student in botany.

James said...

Try http://www.forrester.com/Research/Document/0,7211,35000,00.html

I think you need to register to get full PDF format.