The realities of part-time work

Part-timers in workplace 'ghetto' (BBC News) - Poor flexible working arrangements mean millions of workers are forced to take part-time jobs which do not use all their skills, a new report has said. This is despite the fact that the CIPD disputes CBI claim that flexible working harms business (Michael Miller, Personnel Today).

Men hit harder by 'status drops' (BBC News) - Men who fail to progress up the career ladder take the blow much harder than women, research suggests.

People who suffer from depression or stress should perhaps read this article - Action to tackle work 'distress' - a £5m pilot project has been launched to help people who suffer stress and depression keep their job.

Two new blogs to add - The Librarydude!, and, The BotanicalGirl. Also, Google has launched a new blog-based search engine - see this article for more details - Google unveils blog search site (BBC News). I think the same search engine can be accessed from Blogger Blog Search.

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