Employment rights at the top of the political agenda?

Employer issues dominate Labour Party conference - Employer issues top the agenda at this year's Labour Party conference for the first time in years, i.e. pensions, secondary industrial action and privatisation of public sector employment (Personnel Today).

After coming across a new police blog the other day, it dawned on me that there are currently quite a few police officers in the UK blogging about their day-to-day experiences. I have listed twelve that I am aware of. Certainly worth a browse if you fancy a career with the police, in the UK, or if you are curious of police work in any way.
200 weeks: Not long now... - a police officer counting down the weeks until retirement from the force.
Another constable - life through the eyes of a brand new British Bobby.
Another day at the office - a little look at the workings of the mytown police force from a special perspective.
Blues and twos - an amalgamation of thoughts, feelings and observations on news, current affairs and UK policing in general.
Brian's brief encounters - an unofficial Metropolitan Police fanzine brought to you from a small corner of the Throbbing Metropolis.
Cat amongst the pidgeons - musings of an ex squaddie, ex Policeman and currently depressed git suffering from obstructive sleep apnioa.
The Policeman's blog - a journey into the mad, mad world of the British underclass and the Public sector, where nothing is too insane for it to be written down and copied in triplicate.
Sod's law - commenting on experiences at work and of the everyday emotions of life.
The thin blue line - the wild eye adventures of a new police officer, coming from the sticks to the big smoke to see if he can realy be all he can be.

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