End of summertime blues

No happy holidays as work piles up while Brits take a break - Nearly half of British workers return from their summer holiday to a mountain of work, according to research by recruitment company Manpower.

Cocktail effect of doctors' hours - A US study has shown how important the reduction of junior doctors' hours has been, equating the effect of long shifts to drinking a few cocktails.

Companies failing to help staff up the career ladder - Employees without clear idea of how they can progress 'are more likely to leave'.

First Bus workers strike over pay - Bus travel in the east of Scotland will be disrupted on Wednesday because of a one-day strike by First Bus drivers.

24-7 Survey - Browse a report that contains a fascinating look at attitudes to work, its effects on family life and individual heath. From September 8 you can take part in a new survey.

One work-related blog to add - Manila office life - ever wondered what it's like to be an office manager in the Philippines?

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