Work longer not smarter

Work smarter not longer, says government - The ever-present jacket on the back of the office chair should be taken home, the government will urge today in a call for an end to Britain's long hours working culture. The Labour government may say a lot about work-life balance, but is really terrified of how employers will react to its proposals. Not only that, to get workers to work 'smarter' requires a considerable level of input from employees in how work is organized. Sadly, Britain is just not ready for widespread democracy in workplaces because of how trade unions are viewed by every government since 1979. Also see Smarter working 'can cut hours'.

Health workers’ holiday row - NHS TAYSIDE have been accused of discrimination by rewarding staff with children two extra weeks’ paid holiday.

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VoodooRay said...

I agree with most of your post. But I also think that the French have known how to work smarter for years, because their working hours are shorter. Long working hours in Britain tend to encourage sprawling, low-productivity and suggest a massochistic streak in our nature. What way out of this but legislation?

James said...

Thanks for the comment Voodooray. I didn't go into any detail to make my point and agree there are other factors involved in this matter. Legislation may be the only answer to poor practices, but in the UK it's often referred to as 'red tape' and even then heavily resisted by employer groups.