Hard work never killed anybody...

Work-related deaths on the rise (BBC News) - The UN body said the global death toll from work-related incidents and disease was an estimated 2.2 million a year, 10% higher than three years ago.

Women managers promoted faster but salaries still fall short of male counterparts, says survey (John Carvel, The Guardian) - Women are breaking through the glass ceiling to achieve leadership positions in British business organisations at a younger age than men, says a report published today. But the study, from the Chartered Management Institute, says they are still paid less than men in equivalent positions and are more likely to be discontented enough to resign their jobs.

Bullying amongst managers rockets as organisations fail to take action (CMI) - Bullying is rife across UK organisations according to research published today by the Chartered Management Institute.

In sympathy with strikers (Roy Hattersley, The Guardian) - A case is made for the return to legalisation of 'secondary action'. Hattersely argues that the 'real complaint against secondary action is easily explaine. It is hated because it works'.

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