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Another article that suggests one of the main bastions of media - the daily newspaper - may be under threat from new forms of communication, i.e. blogs, etc. A reasonable slant for once as one of the most telling quotes suggests:
'...blogs offer a more personalised and off-beat take on news events'.
Makes good sense to me, although I see blogs complimenting traditional media rather than replacing them. See What will newspapers look like in 20 years? (BBC News) for more details and the chance to offer your opinion on the matter.

The world's best video diarists (Tomas Rawlings, The Independent) - Bloggers have moved into a new dimension - streaming video. See Amanda Congdon's Rocketboom for example.

Censors block the cult of girl too sexy for her blog (Jane McCartney, The Times) - how a self-proclaimed beauty found fame in cyberspace, but then China’s propaganda chiefs reacted.

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