More blogs about work in general

Today I've listed some more blogs about work in general, i.e. most are forums of some sort where people can deal in a way with the problems they face at work. It's an extension (as the title suggests) of a previous blog listing many more blogs about work in general. They are NOT blogs by individuals who blog about their particular work-related experiences.

Ambulance999 - a one-stop place for ambulance discussion.
Anonymous work blogs - a blogring for people who post anonymously about their jobs - join up the club if you blog about work, but keep certain details to yourself!
Labour behind the label - support garments workers worldwide in their efforts to improve their working conditions through awareness raising, information provision and encouraging international solidarity between workers and consumers.
Frustrated at work: We care when they don't - bringing you stories from the front lines, as well as a fresh perspective on what to do.
Ryan be fair - giving Ryanair employees a collective voice. Particularly interesting if your work in the airline industry and not being heard by your employer.
The future of work weblog - the official blog for the Future of Work community.
Have-a-rant - a UK-based forum for whatever gets up your nose!
Your democracy - varied political forum from Australia with a section set aside for industrial relations.
Employee thinking - Christopher Hannigan blogs about getting the best from employees
Gautam Ghosh on Management - Gautam's thoughts on organizations, work, people, strategy, learning, knowledge, innovation and high performance. Focussed on India, but spanning the globe.

Blog stuff in general:
Progress reports - an assessment of emerging communication technologies such as blogging, podcasting, VoIP, etc.
Search engines take on talk - Spencer Kelly reports on the move into messaging, photo-sharing and centralisation of information (includes use of blogs for photo sharing, etc.).

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