Where does privacy begin and end in the workplace?

Welcome to the world of work where employers are free to invade our privacy at will and where each email we compose, website we visit and fag we smoke is recorded. And with every monitored keystroke, the bond of trust between employer and employee is weakened. In Crisis of faith, Ian Wylie of The Guardian considers what has happened to trust between employer and employee.

Record-breaking equal pay claim begins - The UK’s biggest ever equal pay case for female county council workers is due to start today in Carlisle. Two unions – Unison and GMB – have lodged claims for about 2,300 women after it emerged that male road workers formerly employed by Cumbria County Council were paid more for what lawyers say was comparable work (Mike Berry, Personnel Today).

Another report, this time by the National Association of Pension Funds, suggests Britons would not be able to pick up their pensions until the age of 67 by 2030, rising to 69 years of age by 2040 (BBC News). See the public response at should pensionable age be raised?

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