Work-life balance survey

Please take the time to take part in a survey that is to draw up a general picture of what is happening at work today and what could be done about any problems revealed. It has been commissioned by the Work Life Balance Centre and is open to all nationalities. Access the brief questionnaire at: TWENTY4 - SEVEN SURVEY.

Meanwhile, the Gate Gourmet dispute continues even though it's been out of the news for a few days now. To keep up-to-date with what is going and on and perhaps offer your support then visit Sacked by Gate Gourmet support group for more details.

Bloggers keep the media honest, so wade in - Another article about how certain types of blogging may influence the media by offering first hand accounts of events that journalists can't possibly turn around as quick as bloggers can, e.g. what's just happened in New Orleans, the London bombings, etc. What I like best is how bloggers are referred to as
'a ready-made army of eye witnesses'.
I think that's a fair analogy, but for the vast majority of bloggers we are really talking about first hand reports of the humdrum of day-to-day life - something that most journalists stay well clear of, mostly for commercial and perhaps career-related reasons. Blogging, amongst many other things, to me anyway, fills a colossal gap where journalist fear to tread. Perhaps one day soon we will see the mundane become mainstream and about time to!

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