Keeping organizations lean, literally!

Overweight workers find it harder to get jobs than their slim counterparts, an online survey suggests. The findings indicate obese people are discriminated against when applying for jobs, are passed over for promotion, and are more likely to be made redundant – all purely on the basis of their weight. It sounds more like prejudice than discrimination to me. See Overweight job hunters 'lose out' (BBC News) and Fattism rife in business (Personnel Today) for more details.

Six new blogs to add:

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Serving the underclasses - the thoughts of a part time Cashier at a well known bookmakers in the UK.
The dinner lady - what understaffing, cost cutting and the trend for 'Healthy Eating' is doing to school dinners and the kids that eat them.
The fast food life - the story of one person's employment odyssey at a fast food restaurant.


macdo10 said...

Thanks for the link, I've linked you back.

Kaiser said...

Aye same here, but just a small note to mention that you've typoed my title in the index on the right, it says "Sreving" instead of "Serving".