People power and blogs

Millions take up blogging in US (video - 2.5 mins) - At least 14 million computer users in the United States are believed to have personal online journals or blogs. Around 40 million are said to read blogs on a regular basis. Jonathan Beale reports (for BBC News) on the growing phenomenon of blogging and the influence it can have on American society. The best of the subjects covered in this short article suggests blogs can lead to the "decentralisation of control", blogs "marry" email and websites, and blogs are a medium that promotes of the voice of the "ordinary citizen".

Diary of a school supply teacher - During the summer term of 2004 "AA" [a teacher for more than 20 years and now working as a supply teacher - filling temporary positions in schools with short-term vacancies] kept a diary of her experiences. Read the first week and how it illustrates the positive and negative aspects of teaching today, and why the education secretary wants "zero tolerance" of bad behaviour (BBC News).

Firms fear language policy costs - Business leaders in Wales say a new Welsh Language Act would create a huge burden on private sector companies (BBC News).

La Scala dancers to go on strike - Dancers at the world famous La Scala opera house in Milan are going on strike to protest at the size of their dressing rooms (BBC News).

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