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PC Blog reveals the secret life of policemen - A really good article by Giles Hattersley of The Sunday Times looks at The Policeman's Blog. The basis of the article is that the blogger - "David Copperfield" - offers some "deadpan" insights into the drudgery of modern policing. A range of UK police-related blogs can be found on one of my previous blogs. David Copperfield, along with Tom Reynolds at Random acts of reality, also got write-ups earlier this year in the following articles - blogger reveal their motives (BBC News), and more recently - Interconnected (Johnny Dee, The Guardian).

Some further blog-related articles worth a look at: 'You have to stop yourself saying anything rash after a bad day' - What better way to get the stresses off your chest than venting on your blog - loathsome boss, exploitative company, inane workmates and all. Thousands of us are at it: keeping online diaries that document the frustrations of modern working (Vicky Frost, The Guardian). And, When blogging meets heckling - what the blogosphere had to say about Walter Wolfgang, the Labour Conference heckler.

Two new blogs to add: Haggiswurst - a 9am – 5.30pm desk monkey that lives a frustrated but sedentary existence under the yoke of a relentless managerial cult (Scotland), and, Just another day in paradise - journaling the days in the lives of a group of police officers (USA).

The final word relates to another new web-based form of communication technology - the Podcast. In Podcasting cries out for content, Jo Twist of BBC News looks at how podcasts can be used as an outlet for a broad range of purposes. If you're completely new to this web-based phenomenon then a great place to start off is with the BBC's trial use of podcasts. You can download a very broad range of radio programmes. If you're feeling that bit more confident then visit the podcast directory at A range of career-related podcasts can be found here.

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