Police blogger in trouble

As you can see from the visual effects, the The Mail On Sunday ran a big article on The Policeman's Blog earlier this week. It's not the first time that The Policeman's Blog has mentioned in the media - see previous posting of mine. Unlike previous exposure from the BBC, The Guardian and The Times, it would appear that the Mail On Sunday did not ask for permission to publish several blog entries, which covered a range of controversial subjects. The result, it seems, is that "David Copperfield" has suspended his extremely popular blog, at least for the time being.

I've simply not had time to scour other blogs for commentary on what may result in someone losing their job and may be so much more, but I did come across some helpful advice from Bill Sticker at Walking The Streets: A Traffic Warden's Diary. In his post - Breach of Copyright - Bill suggests bloggers should include a short statement of copyright on their blog. I'm no lawyer, but it seems that this is the least anyone could do in such a situation.

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