Gone to Poland

I've really let my blog go in the last few weeks, but hey, it's Christmas! I've done the family thing and now it's time for my first ever winter holiday - Krakow, Poland. I won't be blogging again for another week so if anyone actually looks at my blog before the New Year then I'd like to wish you all the best for the coming year. Cheers!


GrrlScientist said...

happy holidaze, and i'd like to give you a gift of another blog for your line-up; Assclownopolis. as an example of what to expect from this blog, i present exhibit A: Your Job Doesn't Suck. Trust Me.


James said...

Thanks GrrlScientist - I'll add it to my list soon. Happy holidaysto you too!

tfg said...

I wouldn't waste my time reading the garbage at Assclownopolis. The guy who writes it is a known jackass.