Workplace bullshit

I recently blogged about the use of bullshit as a means to mask in a way what most businesses are all about - profit. See previous posting for more details. Well, I came across a similar book the other day called Bullshit Bingo by Graham Edmonds, except the emphasis on workplace bullshit is slightly different.

It should come as no surprise to learn that the book is more about playing a workplace game than challenging the underlying meaning of sayings or words such as "the bottom line", "core business", "downsize", "value-added", "go the extra mile" and "results-driven". Apparently, you are expected to copy a grid with about 60 of such words and when you have heard six of the words in the given context, i.e. at meetings, a conference, or a training event, you shout BINGO! I think it's worth a look if you are surrounded by bullshitters where you work or just want to know what some of the less obvious words or phrases really mean. A synopsis of the book follows for anyone who's interested.

Bullshit is all around us, everywhere we go - but nowhere as much as the office. Fortunately we've had our bullshit detectors scouring offices from around the world for the best bullshit words and phrases and now, with the help of this invaluable guide, you can identify that bullshit in your own workplace and put it to use - by playing Bullshit Bingo! With special sections for types of activities like conferences or advertising, and for departments such as Finance and HR, this book includes a glossary of over 500 bullshit words and phrases, plus vital Bullshit Bingo game cards to use in meetings. And to help you understand what's going on in your company the book also includes sections on what job adverts really mean, how to recognise the company bullshitter and help in understanding the characters and managers in your office.

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