Honeywell launches career blog initiative

Apparently a select number of employees at Honeywell are being allowed to blog about their work related experiences. According to their blog site - Honeywell Careers - the purpose of the new venture is summarised below:

"Honeywell's career site blog is a great way to gain a deeper level of understanding to the culture, people, work and environment of Honeywell.

As we begin this new endeavor, we'd like you to meet three of our current Pathways Leadership Development Program participants."

It's unclear as of yet whether the scheme is to expanded beyond three employees - human resources, marketing, and, intergrated supply chain - currently allowed/encouraged to blog about their life and times with Honeywell. It remains, however, to be seen how Honeywell, or any other business using such blogs, are to measure the success (or failure) of their ventures. Thanks to Blogspotting at Business Week for the link.

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