Asda-Walmart guilty of trying to bribe their way to a union free company

I blogged about Asda-Walmart in October and how they were coming under fire for seeking to strategically degrade conditions of employment at some of its warehouses. Part of the strategy was to offer workers a 10 per cent pay increase in return for the end of a trade union recognition deal. Asda-Walmart appeared to be aiming to achieve complete non-union status through-out its operations.

Well, Asda-Walmart finally got their comeuppance yesterday and were found to be in breach of trade union legislation. It is believed they will face a fine of around £850,000 - up to £2,500 to each of the 340 workers. Having said that, I can't believe for a moment that Asda-Walmart will take the defeat lying down. They are probably planning a future offensive on worker rights as I write.

See Asda faces £850,000 tribunal cost for more details.

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