Should sleeping at work be encouraged?

When I ask the question of whether sleeping at work should be encouraged I mean where it may be appropriate for either or both employer and employee.

What made me think of the subject of sleeping at work - and to be honest my working day has often been enhanced greatly by a quick nap during designated breaks - is an article called Call to let doctors have work nap (BBC News: Health).

The article, in short, suggests junior doctors should be able to nap on nightshifts to help them cope with the work. My argument is quite simple. If having a nap helps people cope with work then why not try to accommodate what your body is craving even if what your body is craving conflicts with the aims of the organization you work for.

PS The Guardian ran an article today that is very similar to the article I commented on yesterday, i.e. see my last posting and Doctoring the past - Wiki style by Patrick Barkham.

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