Big business barges in on blogging

By-the-way, the title of today's blog is not meant to be a tongue twister!

What today's blog is about is a story called Amazon may live to rue naked aggression against blogging (John Naughton) that ran in yesterday's Observer. In brief, it bemoans the fact that Amazon has not yet joined the corporate blogging brigade.

Like I said recently, I'm not particularly interested in corporate blogs per se, but I am a little bit interested in why corporations see the need to find out about blogs and perhaps start blogging themselves.

The main premise for corporate blogging appears to be that if bloggers are writing about your business in some way you'd be wise to join in with these conversations - at the very least find out what's been said about you.

What I like best about the article is that blogging is not about providing clear improvements to the so-called bottom line; instead, blogging might help companies find ways to survive the current economic climate.

If that's true then there is reason to believe these suggestions can be generalised beyond the business world to other domains, e.g. blogging has the potential to help the labour movement find out how why the continuing conditions for trade unionsism are not reflected in increased memberships.

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