One year of blogging

Well, I started my blog from scratch just over a year ago (13th April, 2005 to be exact) and this is just a quick list of what has been achieved in this time frame:

1) Starting with about 20 work-related blogs I now have links to over 500 on my blogroll - as far as I am aware no other resource is so expansive.

2) I have had about 22,000 hits and more than 11,000 unique hits. It has also been syndicated at least ten times.

3) A number of newspaper articles have mentioned my blog, i.e. see media references. I have also been approached by the BBC and Business Week for comment that did not get aired or published.

4) Forbes deemed my blog to be one of the "blogs that matter"; Technorati rate me as having "some authority" (I am currently rated about number 31,000 by Technorati) and over 60 blogs have referred to my work.

5) I have collected data from over 200 questionnaires about blogging habits and produced a draft working paper as a result.

6) I receive a fairly steady supply of emails and comments from a range of people about my blog. Thanks!

7) I am on the blogroll of around 100 blogs

I'm not exactly sure what to make of all of this, but I know one thing for sure - none of this would have happened without starting to blog.


Michael Fitzgibbon said...


I've been reading your blog with interest over the past year, and have learned a great deal from you (and it). I wanted to pass along my congratulations on this milestone achievement and look forward to another year of reading!


Tom Coffee said...


...Make that 101 blogrolls. I just added your blog to mine as well. Congratulations on the 1 year anniversary. Good luck and good cheer in your important (and fun to read) work.