Is the use of PCs at work a benefit in kind?

According to an article from Personnel Today the use of PCs for personal benefit may become subject to tax in the future. The main reason is that under new tax rules brought in in March "computers that are used for significant non-business purposes should be regarded as a benefit in kind".

If this is the case then employers can expect to pay £210 tax a year on every work computer used for sending personal e-mails or surfing the internet. What is more, employees will have to pay income tax on them and employers will have to pay additional national insurance contributions.

I suppose the main point is working out the extent the computers should be used for business purposes and not how they are actually used by the employee.

Who knows if this will become a serious issue, but if it worries you then it may be worth consulting Personal use of a company PC could incur £210 tax liability by Georgina Fuller in the meantime.

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Anonymous said...

You're number 7 in the the recent Sydney Morning Heralds top-ten Blog sites article here:

James said...

Thank you very much whoever you are. It's really surreal to be mentioned in a newspaper I read most of time I was in Oz many years ago (as well as British Soccer Weekly!).

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James, you've achieved one of the pinnacles of blogging life. When you meet up with your fellow bloggers you must mention several times that you were in the paper and say very loudly "and they even put in a link!".

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I've been here before in the past few years however today Thursday 10 june 2006 you are mentioned in The Age Green Guide article about blogging.