Not the most surprising work-related poll in the world

I must admit the main headlines in the Guardian yesterday - Britons put work and fun before babies (Audrey Gillan) - didn't come as much of a shock. You don't need to study work to realise that a lot of people would put a half decent career before having children.

Just to give you an idea of the responses:

1) Both men and women, according to the poll, believe it is more important for women to enjoy themselves than to have children - with 64% of men and 51% of women agreeing.

2) Both men and women say it is more important to live comfortably than to have children.

The survey does have a serious side to it and there are clear concerns about those who would like to reproduce at some time, wish to balance work with non-work life, etc. There is plenty of stuff in the article to go which is not mentioned here and exact details of the poll can be accessed through this link.

PS Work-related Blogs and News got a mention in the Sydney Morning Herald last week - thanks!