Trust in blogs: The international verdict

Despite a recent interest in blogs by businesses keen to know what is written about them, blogs are generally not seen to be trustworthy.

They come at the bottom of the list, with just 25 per cent of those questioned in a poll on trust in the media giving them a thumbs-up. However, roughly a quarter of people throughout the countries used in the poll say they trusted blogs. Personally, I'm surprised most people who took part in the survey actually knew what a blog is.

Fortunately, it is quickly pointed out that most blogs don't actually provide people with news - i.e. instead they tend to "exist to agitate, to question, to swap information, to provide leads and opinions, and generally to act as guerrilla forces against the massed ranks of the mainstream media. "

For more details see Blogs: To trust or not to trust? (Paul Reynolds, BBC News: Technology) and follow this link to much wider international survey on trust and the media.

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