Misleading opinions on work-related blogs

I missed this article the other month (Blogging: Waste of time or corporate tool? Claire Murphy, Personnel Today) - another article that suggests work-related blogs are all about doing "enormous damage to your brand", getting sacked for "gross misconduct", "airing the corporate dirty linen in public", and how blogging about work is really "self-obsessed musings with limited appeal".

There is no question that a lot of what goes into work-related blogs concerns frustrations, but that is not always the case and there are many reasons to blog about work other than to bad mouth the boss or fellow colleagues.

I wouldn't mind so much if the article started how it ends - i.e. suggesting "Blogs aren't necessarily bad news for employers".

When will someone from the management-orientated fraternity actually read what's in these blogs, or at the very least start from the basis of trying to unravel why people write in a very public way about an important part of their lives?

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