Work at the ice face: Bloggers from Antarctica

Browsing the many blogs I have blogrolled the other day led me to 75 degrees south - a blog by a polar scientist. The author of this blog has recently returned to the UK. However, on his most recent posting (and probably his last for a while if not ever) are a series of links to people who blog from the South Pole and links to other interesting websites about probably the most remote part of the world.

The author of the blog - Simon Coggins - also ends by recommending some similar blogs to his own. As a person that is quite fascinated with the South Pole I'll certainly be paying attention to the following blogs:

76 Degrees South One - by Frances, a Halley meteorologist.
Dave Down South - the Halley Comms Manager.
Julius' Travels in the South - Halley AIS engineer.
Solid Sea and Southern Skies - Simon's replacement as the Halley Data Manager.
Life in Antarctica - Halley vehicle mechanic.
Halley Diaries - the 'official' Halley web diaries, written monthly by the wintering team.
Random Writings - comms manager at Rothera Research Station.
Antarctic Monkey - Rothera winterer.

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