New technology and new worries for management

I came across quite an interesting article that contemplates what managers and employers should do when new technological means of communicating and entertaining "invade" the workplace - in this case we are talking about employees using blogs, Instant Messenger, iPods and camera phones.

In Perspective: Time to Crack Down on Tech at Work? (CNET News) Eric Sinrod sets out some food for technological thought, in managerial terms anyway.

Most of what is mentioned about blogging covers well-worn ground (but not if you are new to blogging), i.e. drawing up a clear policy on what employees can and cannot blog about, etc. However, the issues are less clear with the other forms of communication technology.

For instance, Sinrod suggests tracking IM interactions might be very difficult; iPods could distract workers in a number of ways; and, camera phones (company or privately owned) could create confidentiality and privacy problems.

Ultimately, and as expected, the message seems to fairly clear on this matter - i.e. managers and employers can no longer claim to be ignorant of the potential for new communication technology to used against them either from within or outwith the workplace.


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James said...

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Thanks if you are, but I accept sarcasm, especially if you refer to a number of recent Australian newspaper articles that mention my blog.

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