Australians and blogging

Someone, presumably Australian, kindly sent me a link to an interesting article about why people blog the other day.

The article - Why bloggers blog (The Age) - contains many anecdotes from a range of bloggers based down under.

It's quite a long article so here are just a few samples of why Australians are drawn to blogging:

- the process of finding people who have similar interests

- interacting with readers

- capturing thoughts

- a desire to express oneself

- satisfy a feeling of wanting to belong

- foster togetherness and belonging

- comment on significant events

- make a living out of it.

The findings from the article are similar to one I commented on only recently. It also provides similar findings to my own work on trying to find out why people blog about quite a specific subject. Combining all these together though, I think I'm beginning to see a side of blogging that I have previously been a little ignorant of - blogging as a means to develop an on-line social life and personal profile, either in parallel to, or entirely separate to, a regular social life and personal profile.

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