"User-generated media" and "faithful audiences"

Browsing an article about the Content 2.0 Conference I came across some terminology that really appealed to me, i.e. "user-generated media". To be truthful I've never been comfortable when commentators have described blogging as citizen journalism, or bottom-up reporting, etc.

The term is probably not new at all, I have probably seen it before, but sometimes I suppose we all need to be in the right frame of mind to be receptive to certain things at certain times.

What I like about the term is that it probably won't allow people who are ignorant of blogging to dwell too much on pre-conceived ideas of what blogging can be about.

Anyway, the article I read (The growing market for blogs, James Cherkoff, BBC News: Technology) tries to breakdown the image of blogs being, "akin to a ranting madman on the corner". Instead, people are encouraged to see blogging, potentially anyway, as, "massive intertwining communities" and "have the vibrancy and passion of an enormous street market."

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