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Confessions of a SPC: ramblings and events in the life of a UK Special Constable in a County Police Force (UK)
ICU 101: How to be an ICU RN...: the journey of a rookie ICU nurse as she learns the ropes... all the gory details, every bump in the road, and all the crap she'll have to deal with... (Canada)
Night runs: thoughts and experiences from the life of a volunteer street medic (USA)
Semper Fi: views that do not represent the Police Service in general or any respective Force or government agency (UK)
Tales from the Emergency Room and Beyond...: what really goes on in the life of a doctor-in-training (Canada)
The experiences of a police probationer: an idea of what it's like working for the police (UK)
The life of a Police Communications Operator: about shifts as a Police Communications Operator (UK)
Wiping bums for fun and profit: working as an auxillary Nurse in the NHS (UK)
Waterfordman's blog: writing the particular joys of managing housing stock (UK)

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The Pied Piper said...

James - I love your blog! This is full of so much good information. I've just started to scratch the surface. Thanks, Gail