Work Invaders game

Browing my usual news and work-related sites I came across a great game based on the office. It's called Office Invaders and from my experience has the potential to fill in few minutes when we should be doing more important things.

Essentially, you are the manager and you have to shoot annoying members of your organization - HR, marketing, IT, executives - juts like in the old Space Invaders game. The main point is that these are the people who will prevent you from rising the top of the organization. You also have a chance to grab a coffee that gives you extra powers to fend off other workers.

The sound effects are good with lots of corporate speak thrown in from time-to-time. I believe there are 20 levels, but I only got to level 12 on my first go. I'll give it another go later.

Thanks to Workers Work for the link.

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