The World Cup and work

As I write this the greatest footy tournament ever is barely one hour old - Germany are currently leading Costa Rica two goals to one.

As I have great arrangements when it comes to when I choose to work and when not to work, I'll be seeing as many games as I can. However, balancing work and keeping an eye on the footy will not be such an easy proposition for some. What is more, spare a thought for those who couldn't care less about the World Cup and who may have to pick up the slack in the next month from those who will be taking more than a passing interest.

Fortunately, ACAS have published some guidance on the matter and should be compulsory reading for anyone affected by the World Cup, i.e. see World Cup 2006 FAQs: Guidance for employers and employees (ACAS) for more details.

Make that 3-1 now! There's even a World Cup blog. Finally, COME ON ENGLAND!!!

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Jason Goldberg said...

Here's a forum we started for people to post information on how they are watching the world cup at work.