International productivity report - "UK amongst worst performers over three years"

Yesterday announced the publication of the 2006 Proudfoot Productivity Report.

The 2006 Proudfoot Producivity Report is said to be, "one of the world's largest scale studies of productivity performance at the company level".

Findings from the report include:

- Workforce productivity up 6.4 per cent in 2005, say surveyed executives: 78 per cent report a rise

- US productivity advantage over Europe is smaller than officially recognised

- UK businesses improved productivity in 2005, ahead of Germany and France

- But UK amongst worst performers over three years

- UK companies ‘lose' equivalent of 36 days per worker, per year

- Estimated cost of poor UK productivity in 2005 is £70bn

- Poor internal communication is prime cause, say executives

- Poor supervision and planning are prime causes, study of companies shows

- A third of UK executives have no productivity improvement target

To get further details on the report and to download a copy for yourself click on the following link.

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