New survey on job satisfaction

A new survey of attitudes to work carried out by the Work Foundation has revealed a range of mostly positive findings.

The survey itself involves polling a wide range of workers (1,089) and asking them six question about current levels of job satisfaction. Some of the main findings include:

- 60 per cent said their satisfaction with their work had increased since starting work, while some 31 per cent felt it had gone down (8 per cent said it had stayed the same).

- 78 per cent of people said they found their work stimulating and challenging - 55 per cent of people agreeing so strongly. And 69 per cent said their work was a source of personal fulfillment.

- 86 per cent disagreed with the statement 'I regard my work as meaningless' with only nine per cent saying they agreed (the remainder did not express a view).

- 51 per cent said their work was 'a means to an end. People with lower pay and lower skills tended to be less satisfied with their jobs than the higher skilled and higher paid.

For more findings and information see a press release here. The report itself can be downloaded by following the title link - The good worker: A survey of attitudes towards work in the UK (The Work Foundation).

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Bruce Lewin said...

Interesting to see the positive sentiment which seems to contrast with most of the other surveys!

James said...

I agree it's positive in the main Bruce, but more than half still see work as means to an end. However, I'm not saying everyone should see work as an end in itself, just that work could be more rewarding in general.