E-mail etiquette in the workplace

Ever sent a work-related email and lived to regret it? If so, or there's been a few close calls, then you wouldn't go far wrong by reading or perhaps printing out E-mail etiquette in the workplace by Christina Harper of The Scotsman.

In the article Harper first of all suggests why some workers send out emails that they may later regret - "Part of the problem could be that behind the screen people are bolder, think they are funnier but are often more lazy when it comes to working in cyberspace."

She goes on to list 10 things that should go some way to making sure that errant e-mail doesn't get out in the first place.

There's also a chance to comment on the article and perhaps (anonymously) elaborate on a previous e-faux pas (for a moment I thought I'd come up with a new word then, but a Google search threw up a few mentions)!

Anyone willing to take part in an on-line survey about the use of work computers/lap tops please click here.

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