The incredibly shrinking office

Does it feel like you're getting less and less space at work? Is that next-door desk now butting ever closer? Is it starting to feel like your office is taking part in a battery-farming experiment?

These are the questions asked by Sean Coughlan of BBC News in an article called Shrinking office syndrome.

According to the article, "Businesses are squeezing more and more people into smaller offices. And the pressure on overcrowded personal space, at home, work and on public transport has never been more intense."

Apparently, some research has been done by an estate agent called Knight Frank that suggests the amount of floor space allocated per employee is being cut by up to a third. The reason? Knight Frank says it's to save money.

How is this done you ask? Well, the article suggests it is done by, "reducing the gaps between desks, getting rid of partitioned management cubicles, cutting down on meeting rooms and storage - as more and more people have to be crammed on to the floor tiles."

The main point is if you are experiencing an ever cramped office environment then take note of one thing for now - it is not an accident and what you are experiencing is part of a wider trend.


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You might be interested in Volume 22, a long-running blog that is often about the very dull job of someone who works in a joke shop supply warehouse.

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Thank you very much whoever you are! I'll mention it later.