Having problems with childcare? Why not take your kids to work?

In today's Guardian (G2) Tim Dowling reports on a rather novel workplace experiment - " the day when 17 children came in to work with their parents".

The workplace, if you are curious, is (not surprisingly) the Guardian's G2 office!

In the main the article itself - Kids at work - focuses on describing what went on that day and how the experiment went for the adults and kids involved. Probably what is most noteworthy are the opinions of the participants. For reasons related to space I've provided a few (shortened) quotes from a rather long article (note that the article comes in four parts - see links at bottom of main article).

"I think that is fantastic and very good for us, like being invaded by a different species ... our own former selves" (Parent).

"It was even worse than Bring A Dog To Work Day" (non-parent).

"I don't think they work very hard in the Guardian office" (child).

These quotes are by no means representative of the many other quotes (they are probably not representative of the full quote), but it gives you a flavour of the conflict that having children can bring to workplace.

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