What's on your mind when in a board meeting?

How many times have you been to a business meeting and your mind begins to wander off and you begin to think of things you would probably not even share with your closest colleagues?

Well, a national study of 4,000 adults claims to have identified "the top ten preoccupations" of what workers are most likely to have during business meetings.

The top ten meeting distractions are:

Sex - 57 per cent
Holidays - 31 per cent
TV viewing - 26 per cent
Social engagements - 23 per cent
Meals/ food shopping - 21 per cent
Household bills that need to be paid - 15 per cent
Office politics/gossip - 14 per cent
What colleagues are wearing from a fashion perspective - 10 per cent
Getting a promotion - 7 per cent
Eating chocolate - 5 per cent

No surprises there, but nice to know I'm not alone when I think about...

There are more details about the survey to be found in the following article - When did you last imagine your boss naked? (Michael Millar, Personnel Today).

I tried to get a link to the actual report, but there just doesn't seem to be one. FYO the survey was conducted by Taylor Herring for Sky TV.


Just-ify! said...

I believe if I were to imagine my boss naked I would wind up on the floor, convulsing and frothing from the mouth in horror.

Spike said...

Ditto. My last boss was a very unattractive bloke.