Changing rules on retirement

Radio 4's In Business started a new series last week and the first topic up was a discussion of the changing rules on retirement.

The main theme of the programme is to consider what people should do now that the rule of compulsory retirement at the age of 60 changes to 65.

A particularly noteworthy contributor to the programme is management guru Charles Handy.

You can download a podcast of the programme or listen on-line here.


Steve Roesler said...

Hello, James,

I am going to listento the podcast as soon as my commenting is complete.

The whole issue of later retirement--or no retirement--is becoming important to companies, governments, and families. The fact that many do not want to retire, or can't, means that the nature of worklife as we've known it will no longer exist. This has implications that will influence what parents need to tell their children early on and what organisations do with the design of jobs.

Keep up the fine work about work!

Steve Roesler

James said...

It's questionable whether pensions will become a 'lifestyle' choice for the majority of people, but it is set to change in many ways in the years to come.

Thanks for the comments, Steve!