The truth behind health and safety myths

The TUC has just published a report that challenges a number of urban myths about health and safety practice. These include:

- Workplaces are “risk averse” and employers are overly cautious because of the fear of health and safety regulations.

- There are now more regulations and red tape than ever.

- A local authority ordered the removal of St Georges’ flags from outside shops on safety grounds.

There are another seven urban myths and four half-truths to browse over in Health and Safety Myths: Looking at the truth behind the headlines (TUC).


Spike said...

Good categories but what was the criteria for dumpage of the other blogs?

James said...

Hi Spike. I've not got around to putting them all back up again. I managed about 250 the other night and the rest will get done soon. Tranferring to BetaBlogger is trickier than I thought. James.