Work and regret

According to a survey published by the Chartered Management Institute, managers across the UK are plagued by a sense of regret, with many believing they have failed to reach their true potential.

Further findings suggest that organisations are failing to get the best from their employees. Fewer than half of those questioned (47 per cent) believe they are fully using their skills in their current job. Only 3 in 10 are adamant that they ‘play to their strengths’.

For more key findings visit - Management community lives with regrets as individuals fail to achieve potential (Chartered Management Institute).

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steve roesler said...

There is much being said in the findings. Everything from "regrets"--showing an initial sense of hopefulness--to "bureaucracy, implying that it's difficult to achieve within the system. At its most basic, the results show that an honest sit-down amongst company levels could yield some worthwhile actions that would be relatively easy to put into place. I think I'm going to track this one!

Steve Roesler